Weather4D 2.0

W4D20_logoFirst integrated application for marine charting navigation and weather routing with GRIB files.

Navigation :

Flagship of APP4NAV applications, Weather4D 2.0 is a navigation application all-in-one to prepare and run navigation on a variety of charts directly issued from official hydrographic services of many countries.
On a 3D graphical interface, the user can record waypoints, simulate multiple routes, combined with weather and oceanic GRIB forecasting models to optimize them in the routing module, compare them according to the selected options.
In navigation mode, the instruments display in real time progress information and can receive the external data via Wi-Fi from instruments as AIS and navigation sensors. AIS targets are displayed with icons differentiated for class A and B, as well as the AtoN and Base Stations. Programmable visual alarms (notifications) and sounds, calculation of multiple distances, AIS by Internet, are some of the advanced features of the navigation module, see the comparative table in home page.

Weather4D 2.0 supports the watch Apple Watch by synchronizing the main data of navigation from an iPhone.

Weather :

Weather4D 2.0 is based on global weather forecasts in GRIB format. Many models of meteorological and oceanographic forecasts are available, and the requests and downloads are fully configurable, see the comparative table in Home.
The application allows to create custom areas on the globe and select the characteristics of the GRIB files to download : choice of data, resolution, periodicity, file size, aso.
Weather4D 2.0 displays the data combined as overlayed layers, and allows to setup finely mode and quality of data display. All data of a selected model is displayed in continuous time scrolling animation or manual scroll on the chart, this is the 4th dimension of Weather4D. A graphic meteogram associated with the data labels is available for located targets or boat location.
Navigation and weather forecasts may appear in single or dual windows (iPad only), offering multiple display combinations for the same area : navigation and weather, weather forecast and waves or currents forecasts, comparison of different models. Dual windows can be dissociated for display of the same area at different scales.
The GRIB files are accessible to the open sea by satellite phone, either via Saildocs (GFS model only) or for direct download with Iridium GO!™ (all forecast models).

Routing :

Weather4D 2.0 routing module to optimize sailing or boating routes, or mixed sailing-motor. From a theoretical route, a motorboat routing will take into account constraints true wind speed and waves height for comfort and security optimization. Sailing, a polar speed diagram associated with wind and currents forecasts will be used to optimize performance, comfort and safety.
Several routes can be displayed to compare the results of different options : different forecast models, dates and times of departure, selected constraint values.
Routing can be resumed at any time during navigation from the actual position of the boat.

Basic version :

Weather4D 2.0 comes standard with the GFS global forecast model at 0.25 °, 0,5° and 1.0 °, and two world maps : Satellite (BING) and OSM (Open Street Map).

Options :

Weather models NAM, COAMPS, WRF (USA), GEM (Canada), ARPEGE, AROME, AROME HD (Meteo-France), as well as patterns of waves WW3 global and Europe (FNMOC) and currents MyOcean world, Biscay-Iberian-Irish, Baltic, Mediterranean (Mercator Ocean), are supplied in a single pack available by annual subscription (in-app purchase).

Charting :

Weather4D 2.0 supports only many national hydrographic offices from official raster maps. They will get on the chart server Geogarage that offers a wide choice and keeps constantly updated. Charts are subject to an annual subscription for each publisher. Currently available are :

  • SHOM (France/DOM-TOM/Polynesia, International)
  • UKHO (United Kingdom, dependencies, International)
  • VLAAMSE (Belgium)
  • BSH (Germany)
  • NLHO (Nederland)
  • DGA (Denmark)
  • NHS (Norway)
  • ICG - HD (Iceland)
  • NAVIMAP/IIM (Italy)
  • CHS (Canada)
  • WAVEYLINE (Bahamas)
  • DHNV (Venezuela)
  • DHN (Brazil)
  • SHN (Argentina)
  • AHS (Australia)
  • LINZ (New Zealand)



The display method “in tiles” allows a very fluid moving from a scale level to another by zoom in / zoom out.


iPad 2 and later, iPhone 4S and later, supporting iOS 9 and later. The function “SplitView” (the screen-sharing), to display two applications at the same time, is active only on the iPad Air 2 and later. “SplitView” allows to use Weather4D 2.0 while viewing the multimedia tutorial in iBooks, or even predictions of the tides in or AyeTides XL.

NOTE : Weather4D 2.0 single or dual screen mode is available with all iPad models.


  • Weather4D 2.0 with GFS model included, Global Open Street Map and Satellite Map. Price : 54,99 €
  • Option : all additional GRIB models, weather high resolution and ocean, single subscription 12 month : 37,99 €
  • Marine Charts : annual subscriptions. Examples : SHOM 60 €, UKHO 70 €, NOAA 3,49 €, aso…
  • Tutorial multimedia (French) iBook Navigation & Routage Météo avec Weather4D 2.0 free.
  • iBook User Guide (English) Navigation & Weather Routing with Weather4D 2.0 for free.