How much does it cost overall?

Pricing breakdown is published at the bottom of the comparison table.

Which Apple devices/iOS versions for Weather4D?

  • iPhone 5s and above
  • iPad Mini 2 and above
  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iOS 9 and above

iPad “Cellular” compatibility option is recommended.  Wifi only iPads can however connect to the NMEA GPS through a local wifi when available.

Weather4D Android

Weather4D Android will be phased out progressively.  Google will eventually remove it automatically from the Play Store in August 2021. More details in this post.

If you have renewed your subscription, please visit to request a refund

How do I subscribe to get additional weather models?

Launch Weather4D. In Global Settings Global settings, scroll down down and tap on price label. Then, Account option allows entering a user id and password to register the device, in order to use subscription with up to five devices.

More information is available in Weather4D user guide in section 2.3 “Weather forecast models with subscription” section on page 14.

How do I generate a polar specific to my boat?

The prefered way is to use the iPolar application and to import the generated file into Weather4D Routing or Weather4D Routing & Navigation.

It is also possible to import a spreadsheet made with Microsoft Excel or Numbers in csv format.

More information is available in the Weather4D User Guide section 2.2 “Import a speed polar with iPolar” and section 2.3 “Import a speed polar from a spreadsheet”.

What does "Error / Failed to calculate routing” mean?

  • First waypoint is too close to the coast (even with setting “Minimum distance from the coast” = 0). The first waypoint must be at least 0.5 NM (1,000 m.) far from vector coastline (the white coast contour within the configured weather zone displayed on BING map).
  • First waypoint outside the weather zone, that is the grid outer green dots when one outlines the area, not the semi-transparent white square (Zoom-in to see the grid).
  • Route length is shorter than the weather model resolution: your route is between two consecutive grid dots.
  • Setting options “Max TWS Up, Down TWS Max, Max Waves Ht” lower than the weather forecast data along the route.
  • Polar Settings modified for the basic sail set (Main+Jib): TWS Max value too low and/or TWS Min ≠ 0.

More information is available in the free User Guide

How do I access NMEA data with Weather4D Routing & Navigation?

The following NMEA wifi gateway products are supported by Weather4D.

  • DigitalYacht iAIS / WLN10-20-30/ NavLink / AITxxxx
  • DigitalYacht Nomad
  • ShipModul MiniPlex-3Wi-(N2K) / Miniplex-2Wi
  • Vesper Marine XB-8000/6000 / WatchMate Vision
  • AMEC Camino 108W / McMurdo Smartfind M10W
  • Navico GoFree (B&G / Simrad / Lowrance)
  • Comar NMEA-2-WiFi
  • SeaMate1A
  • Brookhouse iMux Mk3
  • Ocean Signal ATB1

Connection settings can be found in the Weather4D Routing & Navigation User Guide in the Section 5.3 “TCP/IP settings with main NMEA Wi-Fi gateway” on page 113.

* This feature is supported only by Weather4D Routing & Navigation.

How do I get started with Iridium Go! ?

  1. Ensure the latest Iridium Go! firmware is installed.  To do so, visit A zip file will download automatically. It includes the firmware file and release notes in a pdf file.
  2. Follow the release notes instructions.
  3. Ensure your device is connected to the Iridium Go! wifi network
  4. In the Wi-Fi settings of your iPad / iPhone for the “Iridium-xxxx” access point, make sure the PROXY HTTP configuration is disabled.
  5. Create a small zone with only GFS.  For testing purposes, keep the GRIB file size around 50 KB.
  6. Watch this video

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