What is Weather4D Lite?

Weather4D Lite replaces Weather4D. This powerful meteorological application based on atmospheric and oceanic data in GRIB format now benefits from a new interface derived from the “Routing and Navigation” version.

Over 35 weather and oceanographic forecast models are available. Queries and downloads are fully customizable.

The application makes it possible to create personalized zones on the planet and to select the characteristics of the GRIB files to download: choice of data, resolution, periodicity, file size, etc.

GRIB files are downloaded from APP4NAV’s own servers, but can also be obtained by satellite phone.

Weather4D Lite displays the combined data as layered layers, and fine-tunes the mode and display quality of each data type. All the data of a selected model is displayed by an animation in continuous time scrolling or in manual scrolling on the chart.

The weather forecast is displayed in one or two windows (iPad only), offering several display combinations of the same area: weather forecast and wave or current forecast, comparison of different models. The two windows can be disassociated for displaying the same area at different scales.

Weather4D Lite comes standard with the GFS global forecast model at 0.25 °, 0.5 °, 1 ° and 2 ° resolutions. Two global satellite (BING) and global terrestrial (Open Street Map) cartographies.


High resolution weather models NAM, COAMPS, WRF (USA), GEM (Canada), ARPEGE Global, ARPEGE Europe, AROME, AROME HD (France), AROME (DOM-TOM), as well as wave models WW3 and MERCATOR OCEAN and currents models MFWAM, NCOM are provided in a single pack available by annual subscription (integrated purchase).