Creating a zone and selecting weather, wave and current models is one of the first things to do to prepare a navigation.  But how to pick the ones you need when you’re just starting using Weather4D or if you are exploring a new area? Weather models in Weather4D

What kind of sailing are you up to?

Will you be cruising for several days without cellular coverage?  Low resolution like GFS may be best. Are you prepping for a race on a relatively short distance?   High resolution is more suited although it’s always a good idea to compare models.

What about routing?

Routing involves not only weather but also wave and current models.  It is important to combine them correctly because a wave model is calculated using wind as a parameter.  It is better for instance to pick MFWAM for waves when choosing WRF or Arome for weather.  Likewise, it will make more sense to use FNMOC WW3 Global with GFS.

Here is the models cheat sheet

AnywhereGFSFNMOC WW3 GlobalMyOcean GlobalLow
AnywhereGEMFNMOC WW3 GlobalMyOcean GlobalMedium
AnywhereArpège GlobalMFWAM GlobalMyOcean GlobalLow
AzoresWRF AzoresMFWAM EuropeMyOcean GlobalMedium
Canary IslandsWRF North AfricaMFWAM EuropeMyOcean IBIMedium
CaribbeanArome AntillesMFWAM GlobalNCOM AMSEASHigh
Central AmericaCOAMPS Central AmericaFNMOC WW3 GlobalNCOM AMSEASMedium
East PacificCOAMPS East PacificFNMOC WW3 GlobalNCOM ALASKAMedium
EuropeCOAMPS EuropeFNMOC WW3 EuropeMyOcean GlobalMedium
EuropeArppège EuropeMFWAM EuropeMyOcean GlobalMedium
EuropeWRF EuropeMFWAM EuropeMyOcean GlobalMedium
FranceAromeMFWAM FranceMyOcean IBI
MyOcean Med
FranceArome HDMFWAM FranceMyOcean IBI
MyOcean Med
eXtra High
FranceWRF FranceMFWAM FranceMyOcean IBI
MyOcean Med
Greater AntillesWRF Greater AntillesMFWAM GlobalNCOM AMSEASMedium
GreeceWRF GreeceMFWAM EuropeMyOcean MedMedium
GuyannaArome GuyaneMFWAM GlobalMyOcean GlobalHigh
Lesser AntillesWRF Lesser AntillesMFWAM GlobalNCOM AMSEASMedium
MadagascarArome IndienMFWAM GlobalMyOcean GlobalHigh
New CaledoniaArome CalédonieMFWAM GlobalMyOcean GlobalHigh
North AmericaNAMFNMOC WW3 GlobalNCOMMedium
PolynesiaArome PolynésieMFWAM GlobalMyOcean GlobalHigh
West AtlanticCOAMPS West AtlanticFNMOC WW3 EuropeNCOM USEASTMedium

How does it look like on maps?

weather models per geographic zone

  Meteo France weather model per geographic zone

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