Spot direction changes at a glance

Wind changes direction over time, so do currents and waves.  Being able to figure out instantly when they occur for all three model types provides an edge and helps navigation planning.

Follow your arrows


You can now visualize current direction evolution on a defined target in addition to its speed.



You have also wave direction evolution on the meteogram and the wave period for the selected target in addition to the wave height



Just like current and wave models, the wind models now have direction on target over time displayed in the meteogram.

wind direction over time

Wind direction over time

Departure and arrival time

In Weather4D Routing or Weather4D Routing & Navigation, create a route, a routing and view departure and arrival time directly on the meteogram

Departure and arrival time

Departure and arrival time


Arrival and Distance in Routing

Arrival and Distance in Route and Routings

Set direction the way you want it

In Global Settings in the upper right corner,  Tap on “Unit” to set whether you want the angle based on where the waves or the current come from (Whence) or the direction they’re heading to (Where will).

Direction setting

Direction setting for Waves and Currents

Read the date even in full screen mode

Date in full screen mode

Date in full screen mode

How to enable this functionality?

This functionality is part of the Weather4D Lite (models only), Weather4D Routing, Weather4D Routing & Navigation.  These applications are available on the App Store to purchase or as a free update if already purchased.  Feel free to check out the comparison table for more information about their respective features.

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