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Man Overboard (MOB)

“Man overboard!” is an exclamation given aboard a vessel to indicate a member of the crew has fallen off of the ship into the water and is in need of immediate rescue.  Weather4D allows to pinpoint the location where the crew member has fallen to help with the rescue.

Weather4D takes in account Current and Wind drift to calculate the MOB location variation

MOB settings
MOB settings
MOB button (upper right corner)
Confirmation dialog
Man Over Board
Man Overboard
Man Over Board Rescue
Man Overboard Rescue

MyOcean NWS model (European North West Shelf)

Model grid: 1.5 km     Time span: 5days    Time step: 1 hour
Available parameters:
- Current speed
- Current direction  
MyOcean NWS
MyOcean NWS animation

ICON-EU model (Icosahedral Nonhydrostatic)

Model grid: 0.0625° x 0.0635°  Time span: 5 days   Time step: 1 hour
Available parameters:
- Wind at 10 m
- Gust
- Mean sea level pressure
- Temperature at 2 m
- Total cloud cover
- Precipitations
ICON-EU model
ICON-EU animation

Internal sensors (Pressure, Heel & Compass)

Internal sensors include Barometer, Compass and Heel.  They are built in your iPhone and your iPad.  Weather4D Routing & Navigation now integrates them to complete its real time data set.

NMEA outputs (Pressure, Heel, MOB)

This is the ability to output Pressure, Heel and MOB data to other NMEA compatible devices.

NMEA pressure input

This functionality allows reading pressure in Weather4D from an external NMEA compatible barometer.

Single AIS target alarm control

Single AIS target Alarm Control
Single AIS target Alarm Control

Data & AIS sharing

This feature is the first step towards allowing the Weather4D community to share AIS data as well as weather and hydrographic real-time data wherever they navigate.  (See Meteo and Hydro Data in the screenshot above)

iPad Pro 2018 support

iPad Pro 2018

This version of Weather4D Routing & Navigation has been optimized to run on the new iPad Pro 2018

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