A single tap on any waypoint to edit a Route

Editing a Route or setting a Goto Waypoint with shortcut menu is now possible in Weather4D Routing & Navigation and will be soon in Weather4D Routing.  As a result, this feature saves 5 steps (3 instead of 8) whenever you modify a route and is way more intuitive.

How do shortcut menus work?

1. Create a Route

You will find the steps in the User Guide available on iBooks and in the video below.

2. Tap on a Route waypoint

Tapping on a route waypoint displays the shortcut menu with the following functions:

  • Export the route (upper left)
  • Identify the selected route and waypoint (upper middle)
  • Set the blue target on the route (upper right)
  • Edit the route
  • Move, delete, goto the selected waypoint
  • Insert a new waypoint

shortcut menu

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