Rating popups are distractive

This really is the main reason why you won’t see a rating popup. Preparing a navigation requires focus and attention. While we’d love thousands of ratings and actually do need them to evangelize Weather4D, we believe rating and reviewing the app while studying forecasts, calculating routes not to mention when using Weather4D in navigation mode isn’t the right time to do so. As a result, we conciously decided to not implement this functionality. 

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Ratings and reviews help us build a better product

High ratings and positive reviews make the app more visible to potential new users. As we focus on developing the users community, it also helps to build that community.

Similarly, low ratings and negative reviews help too because they make us accountable and alert us about what needs to improve or to be changed altogether. Sometimes a negative review might be unfounded and we can respond and explain where we come from.

Hence this article is not a request for high ratings and sugar coating but rather a request to voice your opinion and share it with other Apple iPad and iPhone users so they are able to make an informed decision to whether or not purchase an app and subscribe to models.

Please rate us and leave a review on the App Store

We currently have 7 ratings and 4 reviews. The good news is that any new rating and review makes a big difference. Therefore, let’s set a goal of 100 shall we?

Please click on the link corresponding to the Weather4D app you use to rate it and to leave a review.

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